Why does change sometimes appear to be so difficult?

To help you move forward, let’s get creative and have some fun with some suggestions that come from years of research and personal experience. Click below to download my PDF 5 Simple Steps to Success.

The Art of Possibility

Explore the potential of possibility with author Benjamin Zander – from The Art of Possibility, a book I return to over and over again.

The Rider & the Elephant

A fun and simple approach on how to get started with Change. Taken from Switch by Chip and Dan Heath.

How to Gain Control of Your Time

Feeling like you don’t have enough time?   Maybe it is time to change your perspective. By Laura Vanderkam.

Locating Yourself

Are you being pulled in too many directions?  What do I mean when I ask “is life happening to you or by you” watch this video created by the authors of 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership to gain a fresh outlook that you put to work instantly.