Frequency Tuning Series

We are experiencing chaotic and uncharted times, yet they are exciting times where we are encouraged to become closely connected to ourselves and our relationships with family, community and the planet itself.  These two hour workshops are designed to enable you to become aware and make use of the powerful frequencies within and around all of us.

Frequency Tuning Series

Immerse Yourself in the Healing Effects of Sound

Enjoy an afternoon with sound healer Mark Torgeson where you will relax, reflect and rejuvenate to the sounds of Tibetan bowls, sacred flutes, crystal bowls and more. Set an intention to allow Mark’s transformational music to silence the chatter of your mind and invoke a connection with your true nature where change can occur.  In this workshop you will learn about and experience the energy of sound and its healing properties.  You will become aware of the vibration of sound within your body.  Be prepared to return home with a sense of well-being, renewed purpose and an open heart.

Bring a yoga mat or cushion.

Tap into the Wisdom of Your Divine Heart - "The Be Love Principles"

Coach, speaker and author Diane L. Haworth offers an afternoon of discovery as she teaches a simple technique to help you relax into the frequency of divine love and access the wisdom of your own heart. She’ll explain her recent direct experience of the divine using this method and the message she received resulting in “The Be Love Principles.” You’ll learn to how tap into your own heart wisdom as well as understand how to utilize the four simple Be Love Principles to more consciously navigate daily stress as well as deal with serious challenges.  

Bring a journal as well as a yoga mat or cushion.

Harmonize with Nature

There is a powerful synergy that happens when we stop and listen with our entire bodies to Nature’s vibratory field.  A dormant part of us awakens and connects back into the heartbeat of life restoring in us a sense of clarity, belonging and wholeness. Psychic energy healer and shamanic practitioner Yukiko Amaya will guide you on a journey of walking, moving, and stillness meditation in the outdoors, where you will learn to tap into the vibratory fields of earth, trees, sky, and water through your senses.  Return home feeling more expansive, centered and supported; better able to stay rooted and calm in stressful situations, and able to feel more fluid and creative in the midst of chaos. 

Bring/wear outdoor clothing and shoes.

Nourishing Your Purpose

The ancient Greeks knew that if the food they were cooking had good energy and brought “agape” (unconditional love), their dishes would be masterpieces and would heal them at the same time. Nutritional coach, yoga instructor and massage therapist Petra Mercier will help you learn to identify and connect with the frequencies of food. In this workshop, you will learn to match the energetic qualities of food with your own vibration and become aware of how your own energetic vibration has an effect when  preparing and consuming food.  Eliminate “should/shouldn’t, healthy/unhealthy, good/bad” as choice indicators and feel an expansion of consciousness, purpose and vitality as you enjoy a fun afternoon creating new relationships with food and food preparation.

Workshop Dates

Nourishing Your Purpose – TBA


Time: TBA
Location: Nature’s Song Studio, 5930 Wilson Road, Marshall, VA
Cost:  $45.00 per workshop

Space is limited, so advanced registration and payment is required.

Contact me with any questions.