Allow Pluto, Venus, Saturn to Work For You


I wanted to share a number of lovely and productive astrological events in the upcoming few days.  It seemed we needed a break from the “heavy” aspects of late and the planets complied.

Sun July 19 A Neptune/Moon aspect provides the ideal climate for thinking outside the box, taking action in new ways and enjoying the day through art and music – definitely a day to smell the roses.  Would love to hear how you go about taking advantage of this lovely day.

Mon Jul 20: Venus dishes up an opportunity for checking things off your to-do list is in order.  The only thing that may get in your way may be a case of perfection – it is!

Tue Jul 21:  Saturn in Scorpio assists in creating another great day to get things done.  Compromise should come easily and reap successful results.  Planning and strategy will trump reacting.

And – Don’t forget Tuesday is my Huff, Puff and Blow Workshop – 4 essential breaths – You will find it an hour very well spent! Call or email to register.

The God, Spirit, Breath, Life Connection


Onomatopoeic words – words derived from the sound they make such as Ruach the Hebrew word for God as well as breath or wind, Arabic word Ruch  and Roho (Swahili) all mean breath, spirit or soul.  Carl Jung commented after watching a Kenyan Elder awaken in the morning to spit and blow in his cupped hands and then offer his hands to the sky.  He later commented in a lecture that the connection between spirit and life involves complex factors which verbal concepts may not fit.

The term Spirit is closely correlated to the term “soul” – that which is outside of the physical body.  The Old Testament of the bible uses the word breath in relation to God and soul over 16 times.  The first being Genesis 2:7 Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.  Consider the Hebrew name for God – Ruach meaning breath or wind

Go back in time and consider early man as he watches his neighbor stop breathing which results in the neighbor dying. Food for thought – Spirit, Breath, Life, Soul, God – all seem connected from the core, the root which opens up a continued dialogue on spirituality and what it means to each of us.


Spirituality & Breath – Soul or Life Essence


The word spirituality has become a household word. Yet, I began to wonder what the word means and how are people using it. Since the root word is spirit I decided to look up the definition. The number of definitions for such a simple word surprised me and woke me up to the importance of how we use words, where they are derived and the meanings behind them.

Here are just a few definitions
1. The non-physical part of a person, the soul, psyche.
2. A ghost or presence
3. The qualities forming the elements of character of a person, group or nation
4. A person’s mood
5. Moral, esprit de corps
6. Atmosphere, feeling climate of an environment
7. Enthusiasm, eagerness animation exuberance
8. Strong distilled liquor
9. To convey or steal

What really sparked my interested was the root word of Spirit was “BREATH” going back to where language began. I’ll speak more on this on Saturday.

Astro Musings July 6 2015

Prepare for what could be an Astrological hot and steamy day. The Sun (our ego) opposes Pluto (nuclear energy) which will poke (or more probably provoke) us to make necessary changes. Themes that were around back in April may show up again today. It is advisable to pay attention as well as avoid standoffs.

Health concerns, particularly chronic or those residing under the radar could present themselves. You are encouraged to eat clean, colorful and healthy foods today, especially this evening. With the Cancer/Capricorn opposition, meaning nurture vs. responsibility, taking care of your physical self is important at this time.

Neptune and the Full Moon

The Planet Neptune named after the God of the Sea is the planet of illusion. It forms an angle with this Full Moon as well as Mercury, Mars and Saturn that suggests there is another way of perceiving and knowing. Perhaps Intuition rather than logic and analysis.

Another recurring theme – time to get out of the head and into the heart. At this particular time I strongly encourage you to find some Quiet Time – especially when you don’t think you don’t have the time!

Full Moon in Sagittarius

With the Sun in Gemini, which seeks to gather and share information and the Full Moon in Sagittarius, which aims to discover truth and meaning perhaps it is time ask ourselves how much information do we really need and what are we doing with it.

Stephanie Austin in her article in Mountain Astrologer suggestions it may be time to step off the “information treadmill.” … And with Mercury still retrograde I will go back to a current recurring theme – is the interpretation of that information truth or belief?

Celebrating Brain Awareness

FACT or FICTION? We use only 10% of our brain.

FICTION! At this very moment you are using nearly 100% of your brain — your frontal and occipital lobes to see and comprehend, hippocampus to remember, your brainstem and cerebellum to breathe, circulating blood, and digesting your food and your hypothalamus are regulating hormone.

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Tomorrow — How does the light bulb and brain correlate?

Astro Musings April 20, 2015

The Sun moves into Taurus encouraging an opening of the senses – to smell the flowers, dig in the dirt, listen to music and enjoy delicious food. Become gratified by the physical pleasures of living!