Mercury Retrograde – Time and Values

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Mercury is back at it – literally appearing to move backwards over the next 24 days.  Rather than get nervous about what is going to go wrong with our car, computer or cell phone perhaps we can see the messenger planet as offering us an opportunity.   I see this current retrograde period – where we begin with a Capricorn Moon (using our emotions in a constructive manner) — as giving us an opportunity to rethink some of our plans, to hash over projects, review conversations or evaluate commitments.

Today may feel unsettled due to many planetary alignments.  However, where I come from, unsettled can be a good thing.   It nudges us to steer off course and turn off the auto pilot.  I encourage you to spend some of your time and energy reviewing your values and become more aware of where it is you would like to go.  Who knows – you may find a more interesting …. and fulfilling track to place your feet upon!

Mars and Pluto Retrograde


Are your actions in line with your beliefs?  Are you prepared to confront patterns or habits that affect your feelings of self-worth?  Two very powerful planets – Mars named after the God of War and Pluto named after the Keeper of the underworld.  Additionally, both planets rule Scorpio – the sign of passion, taboos and transformation. If you thought Mercury Retrograde created interesting scenarios get ready for some action as Mars stays in retrograde for 6 weeks and Pluto for 5 months.  More at

Mars turns retrograde every two years.  It begins its journey in the sign of Sagittarius which represents philosophy, religion, beliefs and a search for truth and adventure.  It will eventually move into the sign of Scorpio which is the sign of passion, taboos, sex and transformation.  If these planets or signs are strong in your natal chart you will most likely be affected in some way.

Mars energy is normally about taking action – sometimes too much action.  It can be aggressive but also curious.  It is about initiating and surviving.  When a planet is retrograde its energy can be depleted suggesting it is time to step back from “acting” or “re acting” and instead review, study and contemplate.  What are your core values and your beliefs regarding yourself and your existence?  Are you living by those values and beliefs?  You could benefit greatly by taking this time to look inward for your personal truth and discovering a path that will align your actions and beliefs in the most authentic way.

Pluto’s distant and slow energy may act as a background catalyst enabling you to sense hidden or buried fears or dark thoughts without them being overwhelming.  Enabling your inner quest to have a more transformative nature and to assist you to take actions that reflect your deepest desires and motivations.

Find out how your own personal planets are affected by this unique time through a 30 minute retrograde reading.

Food For Thought

Food for Thought     What do you feed your thoughts?

We all know that our physical health is dependent on the type of food we eat.  We can’t get away from the constant deluge of advice, warnings and entreaties from experts, gurus and our Moms!  The same is equally true regarding what we feed our thoughts.  In fact, when our thoughts are fed a healthy diet we mentally and emotionally feel better and yes, our physical health improves as well!

This classic metaphor dates back to the late 1800s. It transfers the idea of digestion from the stomach to mulling something over in the mind. Food is crucial for the body, and the mind works best when given things to “chew on.  Thus if you introduce a catalyst to your thoughts – ruminating should begin.

Our thoughts are electrical responses to outside stimuli.  Thoughts create chemical responses that then create feelings in our bodies.  Those feelings then create more stimuli which create more thoughts.  Uh oh, I sense a hamster wheel coming up! If we encounter something we sense is happy and joyful, our thoughts are then happy and joyful, which produces chemicals that allow us to “feel” happy and joyful.  Then when we “feel” happy and joyful our thoughts are happy and joyful creating more “happy” hormones.

Unfortunately the reverse is also true.  When we respond in a negative way to outside stimuli – doubt, anger, fear, the body creates chemicals that create “feelings” of doubt, anger and fear.  Those “feelings” then become our thoughts and the vicious cycle begins.

THE GOOD NEWS is – when we become aware of the cycle, we can begin to feed our thoughts the food that will create the best results for our bodies – and our feelings.  We can begin to notice our thoughts and how we FEED them.  We can consciously decide which thoughts to feed.  We can actively select the best nutrition for our thoughts.

The First Step – awareness.

Second Step – do something different in your daily routine

Third Step – feed your thoughts a diet of gratitude, joy and compassion.




Penny For Your Thoughts

Penny For ThoughtsWhat’s Your “THOUGHT” Rate of Return?

Did you know that you have 60,000—70,000 thoughts a day?

What value do you place on your thoughts?  At a penny, I doubt very little.  They can’t “buy” much can they?  You have seen people who won’t pick up a penny, but they will take the time to bend over and retrieve a quarter.

How would you spend your thoughts if they were worth a dollar?  What would you do with them if they were $10?  And more importantly, what thoughts would you have if you believed they had value? Some answers may be you would use them more wisely; you would pay more attention to them or even add new ones to your repertoire!  What if they were worth $100 or better yet $1000? Go ahead and be daring set your imagination to work.  What thoughts would you select to invest in?  What thoughts will give you the best return?

Are you selling yourself short?  How do you put those to work for you.  Have you considered that perhaps, if you put more value on your thoughts, you might not waste them, you might pay more attention to them and – you might add to your thought repertoire.  Are you selling yourself short?

Now I know that you know that thoughts don’t have a dollar value – or do they?  Thoughts are indeed powerful tools whose value is in their ability to create.  When you say you want something – the new job, relationship, better health – are you thinking the same things that you are saying?  Rather than what are you asking for, praying for or hoping for – what are you “thinking” for?  And what is deep beneath your thinking – doubt and worry or excitement and gratitude?

Dr. Daniel G. Amen, renown psychiatrist and author of “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” has a fun acronym for our thoughts.  ANTS – Automatic Negative Thoughts.  What do you do when you have ants in your kitchen?  Most would answer – you get rid of them – squish them, spray them – or with the heart of Buddha – guide them out the door.  Dr. Amen would suggest replacing them with a PAAS (pronounced pause) – Positive Attitude Adjustments.


  1. Step One – become aware of your thoughts. No judgment allowed.  Just become cognizant.  Perhaps put them in categories.  Financial, relationship or career based, emotional.  Empowering, limiting. Whatever comes to mind
  1. Step Two. What thought might you choose to eliminate – One that does not produce an acceptable return.
  1. Step Three: Identify and select a single thought that, when manifested, would bring a smile to your face.

Keep this simple and have fun with it!

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Christmas Full Moon



It has been 38 years since there was a Full Moon on Christmas Day.  So it would be wise to make the most of it.  Before I get on about the themes of this Moon in Cancer, Sun in Capricorn let me share thoughts for the Energies of the Day.

It is a family oriented day with Cancer’s theme’s centered around motherhood, nurturing  and home Capricorn’s themes centered around  Father, the patriarch and the tribe, .  A Neptune aspects inspires us to remember the good times and to use nostalgia as an avenue to release resentments or tendencies to be on the defensive.  A Mercury/Jupiter aspects encourages us to enjoy a day of light and lively conversation and elect the motto of “live and let live.”

One of the reasons many find Full Moons so powerful is that it is a time when the Sun and Moon oppose each other.  There can be an intensification of conflict between two areas of our lives.  For this Full Moon the conflict may shed light on areas such as our home and family or what we need to feel cared for and safe versus our desires to be successful, mature and independent.  Where do we find the balance?  What actions could we be taking to be more authentic in those areas of our life?

We have an added kick with Uranus moving into the sign of Aries where actual events may force us to take bold action, think for ourselves and not be concerned with external approval.  Ask yourself what you may have outgrown!  The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 4 degrees Cancer is a cat arguing with a mouse!  What thoughts does that bring to mind?  This Full Moon instructs us to trust our intuition and move onto a new path with like-minded travelers.

Merry Christmas.

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Taurus Super Moon – Light on the Shadow

sproutTAURUS FULL MOON – October 27, 2015

This Full Moon will be the 3rd of 3 Super Moons lending an extra “kick” an already strong magnetic pull.  Full Moons reveal what has been in the dark.  The theme for that can be found by Taurus’ opposite sign– Scorpio.  Scorpio signifies our shadow side – that which we keep hidden – even to ourselves.  I encourage you to welcome whatever comes up over the next few days.  What would you like to bring out into the open?  Could it be your truth, power, your light or a desire?  Things holding you back could be centered on trust, a gravitation to drama or black and white thinking.  This Moon encourages us to shine our personal light into those dark spots enabling us to sparkle in the glow of authenticity with no judgment from ourselves or others.

Super Moons occur when the Moon is at its closest distance from the Earth increasing emotional volatility and also enabling major shifts in consciousness. Numerous incidents in my own life have exhibited people who are more emotionally charged than usual.  Knowing there is an astrological opportunity I find myself looking at those incidents and attempting to learn something from them rather than get drawn into them.

Another area to look at when reviewing this Taurus Super Moon center on the themes of the planetary Ruler of Taurus – Venus.  Venus is the planet of relationships, love, and beauty, the seeking of perfection while Taurus is the sign of possessions, values, and personal resources.  Venus takes action. Taurus dislikes change.  At the same time, Venus is currently opposite the asteroid Chiron which is labeled the “wounded healer” – the centaur – coming to terms with the half human, half animal aspect of his form.

By now you should be seeing a strong theme – a pull between dark and light, taking action or staying still, how we manage a tug of war our values and desires in relation to ourselves and also to others.  Are we trying too hard to be perfect or in making others happy.  How can we find a balance between authenticity and playing it safe?

The Sabian Symbol for this Moon at 4 degrees Taurus is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  What thoughts come to mind?  Perhaps what bridges material with the magical.  The Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun at 4 degrees Scorpio is a youth carrying a lighted candle in a devotional ritual.  How do you shine light on the status quo – is it time to wake something up?

I would suggest not over thinking and instead smile at some of the craziness that is occurring all around.  Consider taking a few moments to be still – truly quiet – and notice what is behind the soundlessness.

PISCES FULL MOON – empathy, mystery, illusion

EliminateFULL MOON IN PISCES – Aug 29 2015

Full Moons shed light on the truth and often reveal ways to shift our awareness towards new paths to explore.  This Full Moon in Pisces is the first of 3 Super Moons in a row.  The effects of this Super Moon will combine with a number of strong planetary aspects on Monday.  I’ll elaborate on those later.

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac embodying the completion of a cycle and evolution.  It is the final water sign immersing and transforming fluidly.  Pisces is receptive, intuitive, imaginative and mystical.  Neptune, the God of the Sea and the Planet of illusion and mystery is its ruler.

The Sun is directly opposing the Moon in the sign of Virgo – an earth element – solid and grounded.  It is the sign of discernment, analysis and sensibility.  Its Ruler is Mercury the messenger God and the symbol of useful information.  The polarity between these two signs creates the tension of the Full Moon.  We are being encouraged to find a balance between intuition and knowledge, practicality and mystery, empathy and pragmatism.

We humans perceive only 5% of the information being sent our way.  This Full Moon will encourage you to be open to new perspectives on what is Truth, Knowledge and Belief.  Consult the Heart as well as the Mind.

New Moon in Leo – Love, Creativity, Loyalty


The Moon has moved out of the nurturing and gentle sign of Cancer into the playful and creative sign of Leo. Leo represents the journey of self discovery, moving outside of yourself and learning how you fit in with others. Leo is courage, best friends, loyalty, self-confidence and generosity.

Venus is also in Leo and will remain so until October 8.. Venus in Leo encourages us to add more time for pleasure and relaxation enabling us to increase our capacity for emotional intelligence, to open our hearts to ourselves and to others.

Mars is also residing in Leo which adds the fuel to go after the things that bring us joy. Over the next four weeks you will benefit from being open to meeting new people and stepping out of your comfort zone. The reward will be increased joy in all aspects of your life.

This is a powerful Astrological moment where you may wish to look at your attitude – your inner approach to how you look at things. This Moon reminds us to add joy, love and creativity to all we do. Set your intention within the next 3 days. Themes around this Mon are love and romance, creativity, generosity, play/fun, determination, dignity – and watch them come to fruition by the next New Moon.

Full Moon in Aquarius and Saturn Turns Direct

Astrological ProfilesAstro Musings July 27-August 1 2015

The upcoming week is fairly calm astrologically speaking – even with the Full Moon on Friday.

Monday presents itself with an upbeat mood where working with others will prove invaluable.

For Tuesday the optimum time for a success in activities is before 6:37am.  If you find yourself still sleepy eye at that time you may wish to hold off on starting a new project until after 11:47am.  The Moon moves into the Sign of Capricorn at that time which makes for harmonious business arrangements and meetings.

The Moon’s placement on Wednesday and Thursday continues to favor getting things done, sticking with the plan and taking steady and unhurried actions.

Friday is the Full Moon in Aquarius and is also a Blue Moon.  There is no astrological significance to a Blue Moon as it occurs due to the structure of our calendar.  However, we humans love a bit of folklore and intrigue so we indulge in adding some mystic to the event.  I’ve written an article on the Blue Moon on my newly updated website so please check it out.

This Full Moon’s theme centers around using our personal creativity in collaboration with a greater whole.   Become emboldened to set an intention and seek others who can assist you in making something that benefits others become a reality.  Collaborate and Create!

Saturday Saturn turns direct after being retrograde since Mary 14.  This  clears the way for greater ease in tackling unfinished projects, setting career changes in motion, reclaiming boundaries or authority and being more realistic and responsible.

And don’t forget I will be offering free Moon Phase Readings at Black Bear Bistro on Thursday 5-7.  Hope to see you there.

So What is a Blue Moon Anyway and is it Really Blue?

mapWhere did the Phrase Blue Moon Come From?

In preparing for the Blue Moon Bash at The Black Bear Bistro on July 30 2015 from 5-7 I decided I should do some homework and look into what exactly is a Blue Moon and where did the phrase come from.  There sure is plenty of info from the seasonal definition or a calendar definition, a slap at religious clergy — even a fancy cocktail.  I encourage you to do your own research if you are so inclined.

Two Definitions

The Traditional definition (aka seasonal) and the one most people follow is by Maine’s Farmer’s Almanac which is defined as a 3rd Full Moon in a season that has 4 full moons.  A more modern definition (aka calendar) is an extra full moon during a calendar month.  The traditional definition goes back to very early times.

The occurrence of a Full Moon once was used to determine the date of Easter.  Clergy would identify the Lenten Moon.  When a moon arrived too early (meaning the populace would need to fast an additional month) the Clergy named the moon “belewe” meaning Betrayer. Interesting to note that the first known recorded use of the phrase “Once in a blue Moon” was in an anti-clerical pamphlet published in 1528 by William Roy and Jeremy Barlowe questioning whether people should believe everything the clergy had to say. Referring to the betrayer definition and the Clergy’s random use of power and facts mixed with fiction.  It was also at this time the idea that the moon was made of cheese arose – also a slight on the Clergy.

In Folklore a name was given to each of the 12 full moons.  When the occasional 13th moon arrived early it was called a blue moon. Due to the rarity of its occurrence the phrase once in a blue moon was coined as a rare event.

When you do the Math you begin to understand why Blue Moons are considered rare.  There 365.24 days per calendar year.  A lunar cycle is 29/53 days equating to 12.37 lunation cycles.  The extra days accumulate resulting a 13th Full moon every 2-3 years.

Fact or Fiction:  Is the extra moon named for its color?  Fiction.  A Moon showing signs of the color blue come from a disturbance in the earth’s atmosphere most often fire.  In 1883 after the eruption of Krakatoa the moon appeared blue for 2 years.  A notation in Explorer Robert Falcon Scott’s journal on July 11, 1891 in the Antarctic read “air thick with snow and the moon a vague blue.  In 1950 and 1951 after intense forest fires in Sweden and Canada the Moon appeared blue.

Believe it or not, there are 6 definitions or uses of the term blue moon

  1. A Rare Event
  2. Never
  3. Absurd
  4. Historical times when Moon was blue due to atmospheric conditions
  5. Sad and lonely
  6. A Cocktail

Next seasonal Blue Moons: May 21, 2016, May 18, 2019, August 22, 2021

Next Calendar Blue Moons; Jan 2 & 31, 2018 and Mar 2, 30, 2018

Next New Year’s Eve with Blue Moon (and lunar eclipse) 2028