PISCES FULL MOON – empathy, mystery, illusion

EliminateFULL MOON IN PISCES – Aug 29 2015

Full Moons shed light on the truth and often reveal ways to shift our awareness towards new paths to explore.  This Full Moon in Pisces is the first of 3 Super Moons in a row.  The effects of this Super Moon will combine with a number of strong planetary aspects on Monday.  I’ll elaborate on those later.

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac embodying the completion of a cycle and evolution.  It is the final water sign immersing and transforming fluidly.  Pisces is receptive, intuitive, imaginative and mystical.  Neptune, the God of the Sea and the Planet of illusion and mystery is its ruler.

The Sun is directly opposing the Moon in the sign of Virgo – an earth element – solid and grounded.  It is the sign of discernment, analysis and sensibility.  Its Ruler is Mercury the messenger God and the symbol of useful information.  The polarity between these two signs creates the tension of the Full Moon.  We are being encouraged to find a balance between intuition and knowledge, practicality and mystery, empathy and pragmatism.

We humans perceive only 5% of the information being sent our way.  This Full Moon will encourage you to be open to new perspectives on what is Truth, Knowledge and Belief.  Consult the Heart as well as the Mind.