New Moon in Leo – Love, Creativity, Loyalty


The Moon has moved out of the nurturing and gentle sign of Cancer into the playful and creative sign of Leo. Leo represents the journey of self discovery, moving outside of yourself and learning how you fit in with others. Leo is courage, best friends, loyalty, self-confidence and generosity.

Venus is also in Leo and will remain so until October 8.. Venus in Leo encourages us to add more time for pleasure and relaxation enabling us to increase our capacity for emotional intelligence, to open our hearts to ourselves and to others.

Mars is also residing in Leo which adds the fuel to go after the things that bring us joy. Over the next four weeks you will benefit from being open to meeting new people and stepping out of your comfort zone. The reward will be increased joy in all aspects of your life.

This is a powerful Astrological moment where you may wish to look at your attitude – your inner approach to how you look at things. This Moon reminds us to add joy, love and creativity to all we do. Set your intention within the next 3 days. Themes around this Mon are love and romance, creativity, generosity, play/fun, determination, dignity – and watch them come to fruition by the next New Moon.