Mars and Pluto Retrograde


Are your actions in line with your beliefs?  Are you prepared to confront patterns or habits that affect your feelings of self-worth?  Two very powerful planets – Mars named after the God of War and Pluto named after the Keeper of the underworld.  Additionally, both planets rule Scorpio – the sign of passion, taboos and transformation. If you thought Mercury Retrograde created interesting scenarios get ready for some action as Mars stays in retrograde for 6 weeks and Pluto for 5 months.  More at

Mars turns retrograde every two years.  It begins its journey in the sign of Sagittarius which represents philosophy, religion, beliefs and a search for truth and adventure.  It will eventually move into the sign of Scorpio which is the sign of passion, taboos, sex and transformation.  If these planets or signs are strong in your natal chart you will most likely be affected in some way.

Mars energy is normally about taking action – sometimes too much action.  It can be aggressive but also curious.  It is about initiating and surviving.  When a planet is retrograde its energy can be depleted suggesting it is time to step back from “acting” or “re acting” and instead review, study and contemplate.  What are your core values and your beliefs regarding yourself and your existence?  Are you living by those values and beliefs?  You could benefit greatly by taking this time to look inward for your personal truth and discovering a path that will align your actions and beliefs in the most authentic way.

Pluto’s distant and slow energy may act as a background catalyst enabling you to sense hidden or buried fears or dark thoughts without them being overwhelming.  Enabling your inner quest to have a more transformative nature and to assist you to take actions that reflect your deepest desires and motivations.

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