Full Moon in Aquarius and Saturn Turns Direct

Astrological ProfilesAstro Musings July 27-August 1 2015

The upcoming week is fairly calm astrologically speaking – even with the Full Moon on Friday.

Monday presents itself with an upbeat mood where working with others will prove invaluable.

For Tuesday the optimum time for a success in activities is before 6:37am.  If you find yourself still sleepy eye at that time you may wish to hold off on starting a new project until after 11:47am.  The Moon moves into the Sign of Capricorn at that time which makes for harmonious business arrangements and meetings.

The Moon’s placement on Wednesday and Thursday continues to favor getting things done, sticking with the plan and taking steady and unhurried actions.

Friday is the Full Moon in Aquarius and is also a Blue Moon.  There is no astrological significance to a Blue Moon as it occurs due to the structure of our calendar.  However, we humans love a bit of folklore and intrigue so we indulge in adding some mystic to the event.  I’ve written an article on the Blue Moon on my newly updated website sandraroszel.com so please check it out.

This Full Moon’s theme centers around using our personal creativity in collaboration with a greater whole.   Become emboldened to set an intention and seek others who can assist you in making something that benefits others become a reality.  Collaborate and Create!

Saturday Saturn turns direct after being retrograde since Mary 14.  This  clears the way for greater ease in tackling unfinished projects, setting career changes in motion, reclaiming boundaries or authority and being more realistic and responsible.

And don’t forget I will be offering free Moon Phase Readings at Black Bear Bistro on Thursday 5-7.  Hope to see you there.