I found that my work with Sandra helped me not only lose weight, but mentally prepare for my hip replacement almost 2 years ago by improving my concentration, stress management and relaxation skills. These skills were put to use again recently in recovering from cancer surgery. By developing a more positive attitude in my work environment I am able to cope with a stressful job and enjoy life more.



Sandra is great for keeping me focused on my goals and personal ambitions. She helps me tap into, leverage, and appreciate my existing knowledge and talents: a rejuvenation of my true-self and existing talents.



Meeting Sandra Roszel has been life changing for me. I was skeptical that she could help me as I had suffered with chronic pain for over 16 years. She taught me that words matter—just the way a person expresses something has such a positive or negative impact on life. So the first thing we did was change the word “pain” to “comfort level”. I learned to breath properly, to relax, change my negative self-talk to positive affirmation. Through hypnosis and guided imagery I was able to experience peace, calm and connect with the healing aspects of my body. She offered me was a series of guided relaxation exercises. She taught me how to breathe properly. She prepared personalized recordings for my use at home that have been life affirming. Sandra encourages me to share what I have learned with others, which I do. I have learned I am responsible for my health and happiness and I am now enjoying the process. Sandra Roszel was the miracle for which I had been looking.


I have benefited greatly from Sandra’s assistance helping me work through various personal situations. She works in multiple modalities including Reiki, astrology, and hypnosis which are combined into a unique formula for successful life coaching. We have connected on a spiritual and personal level and without a doubt I would recommend using Sandra’s talents to improve your mental and physical health and to assist you with guidance on your path to spiritual growth, personal development and happiness.



Best money I ever spent. .. or best investment I ever made. 🙂
Good night’s rest. Priceless. Thank you!



Sandra is amazing, her energy ​calming and comforting. Just her voice can ground me to be able to achieve focus in spiritual work. In both our past life regression and astrological reading sessions she has brought clarity to many deep questions I’ve had in my heart. I’ve recommended her to my family and friends, too. I even had her check my (now) husband’s birth chart and our wedding date to be sure we’d chosen a good date for marriage. Her analysis is thorough and she always send me away with a new book to read. I love that there’s always something new to come up and a new way to look at the world.

I read her free Astro Musings and keep her guidance close to heart when something is happening I​n the universe (mercury in retrograde.. ah!). It gives me peace to know I’m not alone, or even the cause sometimes, and that we’re all in this together. Thank you for everything, Sandra.