Christmas Full Moon



It has been 38 years since there was a Full Moon on Christmas Day.  So it would be wise to make the most of it.  Before I get on about the themes of this Moon in Cancer, Sun in Capricorn let me share thoughts for the Energies of the Day.

It is a family oriented day with Cancer’s theme’s centered around motherhood, nurturing  and home Capricorn’s themes centered around  Father, the patriarch and the tribe, .  A Neptune aspects inspires us to remember the good times and to use nostalgia as an avenue to release resentments or tendencies to be on the defensive.  A Mercury/Jupiter aspects encourages us to enjoy a day of light and lively conversation and elect the motto of “live and let live.”

One of the reasons many find Full Moons so powerful is that it is a time when the Sun and Moon oppose each other.  There can be an intensification of conflict between two areas of our lives.  For this Full Moon the conflict may shed light on areas such as our home and family or what we need to feel cared for and safe versus our desires to be successful, mature and independent.  Where do we find the balance?  What actions could we be taking to be more authentic in those areas of our life?

We have an added kick with Uranus moving into the sign of Aries where actual events may force us to take bold action, think for ourselves and not be concerned with external approval.  Ask yourself what you may have outgrown!  The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 4 degrees Cancer is a cat arguing with a mouse!  What thoughts does that bring to mind?  This Full Moon instructs us to trust our intuition and move onto a new path with like-minded travelers.

Merry Christmas.

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