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Taurus Super Moon – Light on the Shadow

sproutTAURUS FULL MOON – October 27, 2015

This Full Moon will be the 3rd of 3 Super Moons lending an extra “kick” an already strong magnetic pull.  Full Moons reveal what has been in the dark.  The theme for that can be found by Taurus’ opposite sign– Scorpio.  Scorpio signifies our shadow side – that which we keep hidden – even to ourselves.  I encourage you to welcome whatever comes up over the next few days.  What would you like to bring out into the open?  Could it be your truth, power, your light or a desire?  Things holding you back could be centered on trust, a gravitation to drama or black and white thinking.  This Moon encourages us to shine our personal light into those dark spots enabling us to sparkle in the glow of authenticity with no judgment from ourselves or others.

Super Moons occur when the Moon is at its closest distance from the Earth increasing emotional volatility and also enabling major shifts in consciousness. Numerous incidents in my own life have exhibited people who are more emotionally charged than usual.  Knowing there is an astrological opportunity I find myself looking at those incidents and attempting to learn something from them rather than get drawn into them.

Another area to look at when reviewing this Taurus Super Moon center on the themes of the planetary Ruler of Taurus – Venus.  Venus is the planet of relationships, love, and beauty, the seeking of perfection while Taurus is the sign of possessions, values, and personal resources.  Venus takes action. Taurus dislikes change.  At the same time, Venus is currently opposite the asteroid Chiron which is labeled the “wounded healer” – the centaur – coming to terms with the half human, half animal aspect of his form.

By now you should be seeing a strong theme – a pull between dark and light, taking action or staying still, how we manage a tug of war our values and desires in relation to ourselves and also to others.  Are we trying too hard to be perfect or in making others happy.  How can we find a balance between authenticity and playing it safe?

The Sabian Symbol for this Moon at 4 degrees Taurus is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  What thoughts come to mind?  Perhaps what bridges material with the magical.  The Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun at 4 degrees Scorpio is a youth carrying a lighted candle in a devotional ritual.  How do you shine light on the status quo – is it time to wake something up?

I would suggest not over thinking and instead smile at some of the craziness that is occurring all around.  Consider taking a few moments to be still – truly quiet – and notice what is behind the soundlessness.

Full Moon in Aquarius and Saturn Turns Direct

Astrological ProfilesAstro Musings July 27-August 1 2015

The upcoming week is fairly calm astrologically speaking – even with the Full Moon on Friday.

Monday presents itself with an upbeat mood where working with others will prove invaluable.

For Tuesday the optimum time for a success in activities is before 6:37am.  If you find yourself still sleepy eye at that time you may wish to hold off on starting a new project until after 11:47am.  The Moon moves into the Sign of Capricorn at that time which makes for harmonious business arrangements and meetings.

The Moon’s placement on Wednesday and Thursday continues to favor getting things done, sticking with the plan and taking steady and unhurried actions.

Friday is the Full Moon in Aquarius and is also a Blue Moon.  There is no astrological significance to a Blue Moon as it occurs due to the structure of our calendar.  However, we humans love a bit of folklore and intrigue so we indulge in adding some mystic to the event.  I’ve written an article on the Blue Moon on my newly updated website so please check it out.

This Full Moon’s theme centers around using our personal creativity in collaboration with a greater whole.   Become emboldened to set an intention and seek others who can assist you in making something that benefits others become a reality.  Collaborate and Create!

Saturday Saturn turns direct after being retrograde since Mary 14.  This  clears the way for greater ease in tackling unfinished projects, setting career changes in motion, reclaiming boundaries or authority and being more realistic and responsible.

And don’t forget I will be offering free Moon Phase Readings at Black Bear Bistro on Thursday 5-7.  Hope to see you there.

Allow Pluto, Venus, Saturn to Work For You


I wanted to share a number of lovely and productive astrological events in the upcoming few days.  It seemed we needed a break from the “heavy” aspects of late and the planets complied.

Sun July 19 A Neptune/Moon aspect provides the ideal climate for thinking outside the box, taking action in new ways and enjoying the day through art and music – definitely a day to smell the roses.  Would love to hear how you go about taking advantage of this lovely day.

Mon Jul 20: Venus dishes up an opportunity for checking things off your to-do list is in order.  The only thing that may get in your way may be a case of perfection – it is!

Tue Jul 21:  Saturn in Scorpio assists in creating another great day to get things done.  Compromise should come easily and reap successful results.  Planning and strategy will trump reacting.

And – Don’t forget Tuesday is my Huff, Puff and Blow Workshop – 4 essential breaths – You will find it an hour very well spent! Call or email to register.

Astro Musings July 6 2015

Prepare for what could be an Astrological hot and steamy day. The Sun (our ego) opposes Pluto (nuclear energy) which will poke (or more probably provoke) us to make necessary changes. Themes that were around back in April may show up again today. It is advisable to pay attention as well as avoid standoffs.

Health concerns, particularly chronic or those residing under the radar could present themselves. You are encouraged to eat clean, colorful and healthy foods today, especially this evening. With the Cancer/Capricorn opposition, meaning nurture vs. responsibility, taking care of your physical self is important at this time.

Neptune and the Full Moon

The Planet Neptune named after the God of the Sea is the planet of illusion. It forms an angle with this Full Moon as well as Mercury, Mars and Saturn that suggests there is another way of perceiving and knowing. Perhaps Intuition rather than logic and analysis.

Another recurring theme – time to get out of the head and into the heart. At this particular time I strongly encourage you to find some Quiet Time – especially when you don’t think you don’t have the time!

Full Moon in Sagittarius

With the Sun in Gemini, which seeks to gather and share information and the Full Moon in Sagittarius, which aims to discover truth and meaning perhaps it is time ask ourselves how much information do we really need and what are we doing with it.

Stephanie Austin in her article in Mountain Astrologer suggestions it may be time to step off the “information treadmill.” … And with Mercury still retrograde I will go back to a current recurring theme – is the interpretation of that information truth or belief?

Astro Musings April 20, 2015

The Sun moves into Taurus encouraging an opening of the senses – to smell the flowers, dig in the dirt, listen to music and enjoy delicious food. Become gratified by the physical pleasures of living!