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Treat Yourself Thursdays - Sandra Roszel

Are You Ready to

  • Possess a clear and focused mind?
  • Have more time to do the things that make you smile?
  • Move away from feelings or habits that are getting in your way?
  • Feel fit, energized and confident?

5 Simple Steps to Creating Success

  1. Use your imagination
  2. Shift your perspective
  3. Shrink it down
  4. Tweak your environment
  5. Expect Success

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Sandra Roszel

I am committed to assist you in using your own words and thoughts to develop focus and clarity. Through an exploration of ideas, techniques and practices I will serve as your coach, cheerleader and mascot so you can accomplish your goals and live your best possible life.

My experiences have shown that everyone has, within them, the ability to create a balanced, joyful and fulfilling life and accomplish anything they set their mind to. As Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it you can do it.” – Well, look where that got him!

I also enjoy the privilege of serving local couples as a licensed wedding officiant. It is my joy to preside over this momentous occasion of love. Learn more about my services here.

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Effective techniques are readily available to assist you in reaching your goals. Choose one or we can customize a unique combination to create your ideal future.

Relaxation Techniques

Begin using safe, natural and effective methods to manage stress, improve mental clarity and improve performance.


Recruit your own thoughts to lay the foundation for healthy and happy transitions in your life.

Astrological Profiles

Gain an unfiltered view of who you are, why you are here and how you can best navigate your life through your celestial fingerprint – your Natal Chart.

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